How It Works

Enjoy great discounts in just a few simple steps

Download App

Get the app and join us

Use the link above to download the app and register yourself. It is available on both App store and Google Play store.

Search Coupon

Find your ideal discount coupon

Search through hundreds of vouchers such as cafes or restaurants to find the one that you like. We are constantly adding more vouchers every day so keep coming back to check your favourite category.

Claim Coupon

Claim a discount coupon

Using your friend's ReferralCode or our trial code, claim the voucher immediately. You now have a discount voucher for your usage.

Redeem Coupon

Redeem your discount voucher

Visit the place and enjoy your experience there. During payment, display your discount voucher in the app to the counter staff to redeem it. Yippee!

Become ambassador

Become an ambassador

Love the place? Why not become an ambassador to share it with your friends? Why not get paid for it too? Once you redeemed a voucher, you are automatically an ambassador for that place. When your friend uses your ReferralCode to redeem a coupon, you get paid!

Share with your friends

Tell your friends

Go forth and share your experiences in your social networks. Remember to include your ReferralCode in your postings. You can even generate an automatic link with your ReferralCode in our app. Hash tag us #hollerout and we will display your post in our feeds!

Are you a business owner?

No upfront cost - only pay when you have customers

HollerOut is a platform that allows you to reward your customers to promote your business via social media. You get social media exposure and only pay for *real* customers that actually purchase from you.
Social influencers such as bloggers or youtubers write about your business in the social media space. Gain exposure from all the social media platform organically at no cost!
You only pay when new customers come to your business! No more huge upfront fees or setup fee. Social influencers share your business with their friends and you only pay us AFTER they have become your customers.
Know how your customers become your customers and who are your most influential ambassadors! Our dashboard provides deep insightful analytics to help you understand your social media engagement and results. Learn from your customers and ambassadors to craft even more engaging marketing campaigns in your business.


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Is the referral fee real money?

Yes! Every referral fee you earn can be withdrawn via Bank Transfer or PayPal. It takes about 5-7 working days and there is no minimum withdrawal sum at this moment so go ahead and give it a try!

Where can I find a promo code for a merchant I want to visit?

You can google it! Or a faster way would be to search for the #hollerout on Instagram where things a slightly more organized. There’s a bunch of promo codes posted online on various social media platforms and blogs so keep a look out for them!

Can I refer any merchant and earn a referral fee?

That wouldn’t make sense would it?! First, obviously the merchant has to be a partner merchant to HollerOut in order for you to earn a referral fee when promoting them to your friends. Second, you can only recommend places where you have been to before. What this means is that for your HollerID to become an active promo code for a merchant, you first need to use someone’s promo code there first, thus proving that you have actually tried it before.

Can my friends earn a referral fee too?

Yup. Once your friends use your promo code at a partner merchant, they will see the merchant appear in their Merchants tab. This means that their own HollerID is now an active promo code for that merchant too! They will earn a referral fee when their own friends use their promo code, and their friends can now promote the merchant too.

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